Qifu Wang, Chairman

Mr. Wang co-founded the Vantone Enterprise Group with Lun Feng, Shiyi Pan, Xiaodi Yi, and Gongquan Wang, and acted as the managing director and vice-chairman in charge of real estate business development and management. Mr. Wang also founded and acted as chairman of the board of the Beijing Dayang Enterprise Group, which focused on managing international finance, foreign trade, and enterprise investments. The Beijing Dayang Enterprise Group became a domestic pioneer in large-scale overseas financing, successfully providing funds for the Vantone Enterprise Group, Midea Group, Neptune Group, and other well-known Chinese companies. During that period, he also assumed post as chairman of the China Flooring Alliance (CFA). Qifu Wang also participated in establishing and managing the Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group. 

Mr. Wang graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and later earned a law degree from the China University of Political Science and Law.


Yongjie (Patrick) Wang, Vice-Chairman

Mr. Wang was fomerly senior asset manager of Mapletree Ltd. Owned by Temasek Holdings Ltd., Mapletree is the top real estate investment management company in Singapore, boasting of numerous public and private equity funds that mainy focus on logistics and industrial real estate, as well as commercial and residential property. Formely the China project director of Singapore’s Industrial Science and Technology  Group and Western China district manager of Jurong International, Mr. Wang has extensive experience in financial management, project investment, project operation, real estate development, and equity acquisition.

Yongjie Wang graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a master of business administration degree.


Lijin Shen, Operations Department Manager

Mr. Shen has successively held the positions of development director at Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group (Tianjin branch), and business supervisor of the financial department at both Anhui Conch Cement Co. and Taiwan's Pou Chen Group. Mr. Lijin Shen has a wealth of experience in financial management, real estate development, corporate investment, and mergers and acquisitions, and is familiar with the laws and regulations related to real estate investment development and financial management.

Mr. Shen is a China Certified Public Accountant.


Guangwei Li, Financial Department Manager

Mr. Li has formerly worked for the Singapore Dayang Group, Vantone Group, the Shenzhen city government, and Harbin Institute of Technology. He specializes in overseas financing, real estate, macroeconomic research, regional development planning, and has contributed to media publications as well. Mr. Li is familiar with coporate investment and financial operations, real estate development operations, and has completed in-depth research on China’s headquarters economy, urban competitiveness, and regional planning. 

Mr. Li graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology with a bachelor of engineering degree and master’s degree in economics. 


Jingtao Huang, Asset Management Department Manager

Mr. Jingtao Huang has acted as financial manager at Guangming Group Co., Ltd. and manager of the pricing management department at the Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group, Tianjin branch. He has over 20 years of applied experience in financial management, investment analysis, direct investment, and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Huang is also familiar with corporate capital structure management, financial management, and corporate restructuring processes. He has dedicated most of his focus on real estate and manufacturing.

Mr. Huang graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology and has received training from Beijing Materials University and Peking University.


Yi Shen, Investment Banking Department Manager

Mr. Shen has held the positions of executive director at Singapore Loyalty Capital Ltd., financial manager of Singapore Rainbow Minerals Ltd., and business supervisor at Bohai Securities Co., Ltd. He has engaged in corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and overseas IPOs, accumulating a large amount of experience in financial consultation and Singapore IPOs.

Mr. Shen graduated from China’s Capital University of Economics and Business with a bachelor of management degree and also earned a master of business administration degree from James Cook University in Australia.



Mr. Chenjian Cai, Marketing Department Manager

Mr. Cai has worked as deputy general manager at Tianjin Yaju Property and marketing manager of the Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group, Tianjin branch. He has nearly 20 years of experience in real estate investment and development, market targeting, and sales management. He has presided over the development and construction of several major real estate projects.

Mr. Cai graduated from Tianjin University with a bachelor of science degree.