【Value-added services】

Overseas IPO
1) Act as the general coordinator and financial adviser for overseas IPO; plan overseas IPO processes;
2) Responsible for communicating and coordinating work among various professional organizations;
3) Provide full professional consultancy services for overseas IPO, as well as overseas listed company seeking to move to a higher tier trading board.
Corporate Financing Services 
1) Help companies establish channels of cooperation with financial institutions; 
2) Guide and assist clients in providing proper financial documentation for financial institutions; 
3) Responsible for aiding communication and coordination with financial institutions.
Corporate Restructuring 
1) Help companies conduct operations restructuring, asset restructuring, debt and equity restructuring, staff reorganization and management system restructuring; 
2) Guiding and helping companies design restructuring programs; 
3) Help companies open up channels of restructuring resources.
Mergers and Acquisitions
1) Introduce strategic investors to enterprises; 
2) Help companies find mergers and acquisitions targets;
3) Guide and help companies draft merger and acquisition plans; 
4) Helping enterprises solve problems related to mergers and acquisitions resources.
Business Plan
If your company is seeking private equity financing, please contact us and provide a business proposal, which should include the following: 
Company Profile: Products and/or services, company history, shareholders and any related changes, and company organizational structure.
Market analysis: Potential market size, current market share, competitor analysis report, and marketing strategies.
Management Team: Resumes of company founder(s), key management personnel, and technical personnel.
Financial Information: Company’s most recent financial statement from within the past three years (preferably including notes).
Financial Proposal: Development plans, capital requirements, financial plan, sales and profit forecasts.
Additional requirements: Other specific needs that our company should address
Please either fill out and send the " Basic Company Information" form or send a previously written business proposa